Despite our best intentions, we are often socially segregated as we go through our professional and personal lives. Through the Leadership Louisville Center, participants build close and dynamic relationships with people they might otherwise never have the chance to meet. It is life- and community-changing.

We graduate over 1,100 individuals from our community leadership programs and training courses each year and work diligently to make sure our programs are reflective and inclusive of Greater Louisville. We’re making great progress with 26% of participants bringing racial or ethnic diversity across all graduating classes in 2020 – but our work is not yet done.

We’re proud to have built so much momentum in our capacity to create an inclusive community, but like many nonprofit organizations, we have been seriously impacted by COVID-19. We don’t have the funds available to meet the tuition assistance needed for future programs. Without your help, far fewer valuable members of our community will gain the skills and experiences we provide.

If you are able to make a gift, we urge you to reflect on the value of your experience and how you have benefited in terms of new perspectives, community connections, personal relationships. Every investment makes it possible for us to equip more leaders to lead with confidence and courage and strengthen the social fabric of our community.